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Vote Clickbooth Your #1 CPA Network for 2020

Posted By Kelly Holleran on Sep 26 2019

It’s that time of year again! Each fall we look forward to the industry coming together to share their opinion on the leaders in Performance Marketing via […]

Could “Customer Lifetime Value” Be the Metric You’re Ignoring?

Posted By Kelly Holleran on Sep 11 2018

In the affiliate marketing industry, cost-per-acquisition is king. It’s the metric that tells an advertiser how much it costs to drive a sale. But as affiliate marketing evolves, with the help of machine learning and advanced analytic tools, we now have the option to gain a deeper understanding into the customer journey.

Vote Clickbooth Your Number #1 CPA Network for 2019

Posted By Kelly Holleran on Aug 21 2018

The Performance Marketing Blue Book annually conducts the largest research survey in the industry to identify and compile a list of the 20 Best CPA Networks that brands, merchants, and agencies should be working with.

Support Your #1 CPA Network – Clickbooth!

Posted By admin on Aug 21 2014

Each year Revenue Performance Magazine conducts the largest, independent, research-based survey in the performance marketing industry in order to identify the best affiliate and CPA networks that brands, merchants and agencies should be working with – as chosen by advertisers, publishers and input from a Blue Ribbon Panel of industry experts in the world-wide performance marketing community. The result is an independent, unbiased ranking of the Top 20 Networks in performance marketing.