Clickbooth | Clickbooth Offering 1 MILLION Rewards Points to Those Screwed by Millionaire Network!

Clickbooth Offering 1 MILLION Rewards Points to Those Screwed by Millionaire Network!

The Millionaire Network has officially announced that they are going out of business and Clickbooth wants to help those affiliates who were left high and dry. Yet again, another network has up and vanished and yet Clickbooth still remains. While we do not boast that we are “Millionaires making Millionaires”, we will say this:

-We have been in this industry for over a decade.
-Clickbooth has never missed a payment and we never never will.
-With No Haggle Payouts, every Clickbooth Affiliate gets the highest payouts in the industry. Period.

If you succeed. We succeed. So for all those who have burned by the Millionaire Network, Clickbooth would like to offer you a trustworthy and stable place to continue to grow your business.

In addition to the reasons listed above, Clickbooth would like to sweeten the deal! All CB clients experience the benefits of our cb:Rewards program, where you earn points for the traffic you are already running and can redeem those points for exclusive gifts ranging from computers and tablets to boats and cars. Clickbooth will give 1 MILLION REWARDS POINTS (an approximate $10K Value) to EVERY new affiliate who generates $100k or more in revenue over the next 90 days (ending 12/4) and proves they were working with the Millionaire network.

For all of our current loyal clients we will also be giving up to 1 MILLION REWARDS POINTS over the next 90 days!

Don’t fall for the fly by the night network’s promises of making you a quick buck. Clickbooth has the experience, support and longevity to ensure your success. Contact us today to learn more about our network or apply online.

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