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Balance Your Affiliate Marketing Career With Consistency AND Change

Those of us who are lucky enough to have found a career in affiliate marketing tend to thrive on challenges and actively seek new opportunities for professional growth. In an industry that’s constantly evolving, the ability to adapt is required for long-term success. But it’s only natural to desire some level of consistency, something that can be difficult to come by in our typical day-to-day.  So what can you do to establish your own sense of stability?

Ramp Up Your Routine

Start by focusing on the factors that are within your control. You wake up, grab some coffee, and then get to work. Great…but don’t let that be all! Ask yourself, “How much time have I allocated towards furthering my education?” I’m not talking about going back to college to get your doctorate degree, but simply keeping yourself updated on industry trends. One of the things that has always made marketing so appealing to me, and affiliate marketing specifically, is that it’s an ongoing learning process.  Societal influences, changes in the economy and new product discoveries each have a way of impacting the future of an affiliate marketer, which is why it’s essential to keep yourself informed.

A few of the best (and easiest!) ways to stay in the know include subscribing to top affiliate marketing blogs, keeping up with reputable online marketing publications, and following industry-leading affiliate marketing accounts on twitter. Make it part of your routine to check these sources throughout the day for updates. Remember, news doesn’t just happen at 9am! 🙂 You can find a few more of our favorites listed at the end of this post.

Plan To Expand

Recognize that “stable” doesn’t mean “stagnant”. Once you’ve got a handle on what’s going on around you, you can then determine where to expand. Your willingness to test new offers, verticals or techniques and diversify your overall business is the easiest way to secure consistent growth.  You may be thinking, “But my specialty is very niche specific, how can diversifying help my business model?” That’s actually an ideal position to be in! Having a steady revenue stream in an area that you’ve excelled provides you with an opportunity to apply any additional time and resources into testing new options. Look at what you’re succeeding at right now and evaluate all that it took to get there. What hurdles did you encounter in your last project? What steps did you take to overcome those hurdles to become profitable? Identify those patterns so you can replicate successes across future projects. Having a solid plan in place that is based on past achievements will make it that much easier to take the first step toward your next great venture.

Reach Out To Resources

Lastly, keep in touch with your affiliate strategist! If there’s anyone that can provide input and advice into popular industry trends, this is your contact. There is a wealth of knowledge and resources available to our affiliate strategists, and each and every one is passionate about helping their clients succeed. Once you learn to take advantage of their availability you’ll notice that your relationship has actually moved into a partnership, leading to consistent growth and a sense of stability alongside your affiliate strategist.

I’ve been asked many times, “What’s your secret? How has Clickbooth been able to sustain continuous growth year after year in this industry?” Well, I have to credit our incredible employee base first and foremost. But I can’t stress how important it is to stay informed and be open to diversification. Our company strongly encourages employees to think outside the box and to bring new ideas to the table. It doesn’t matter how successful we are at any given point, we never settle. There is always something new to learn, a new vertical to test, or technique to master. It’s through that drive and passion that we find our own level of stability, and have been able to maintain consistent growth for both ourselves and our clients.

Now, as promised, some more great online marketing newsletters, publications and people you should add to your daily reading (ok, browsing) list:

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This guest post was written by Jen Sangbush, Publishing Director for Born and raised outside Buffalo, NY, she’ll take advantage of any opportunity to soak up the Florida sun, but rest assured, her Bills jersey is always close by. Email her at or find her on AIM: JenClickbooth