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8 Ad Copy Tips for Increasing Landing Page Conversions

This is the first post in our new series “Transforming Your Landing Page Into a Converting Machine.”

Throughout your experience as an affiliate marketer, you have most likely come across some pretty bad landing pages. Pages bloated with unappealing imagery, misspelled words, and no true call to action that leave visitors feeling uncomfortable immediately.

Above all, there is one principle that rules supreme when it comes to writing effective copy for your landing page. KISS stands for “Keep it Simple and Stupid.”

Don’t get the wrong impression, the KISS principle is anything but stupid. Albert Einstein once said, “everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” Da Vinci also once noted the power of simplicity, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Another principle, familiar to programmers, is called YAGNI “You ain’t gonna need it” which reiterates the importance of only utilizing things that you actually need (not what you think you might need).

Here are 8 tips to help you write better marketing copy for your landing pages.

1. Write to the customer

It’s about them, the reader, the prospect, the individual – NOT about you or your company. Put all selfishness aside. This is why you must speak their language. Here are just a few examples:

  • Targeting Teens? Teens are drawn in by the fun message and pass on the informative message to their parents. Therefore, your copy should contain a nice blend of fun and supporting facts.
  • Targeting Women? Women need to see proof that others have enjoyed the benefits of a product/service. Empathetic copy that relates to her needs, quotes from satisfied customers, and etc. may be used to better communicate with women. You can read more about targeting women here. Appeal to pathos (emotion).
  • Targeting Men? Well…get to the point. Men want the concrete, tangible evidence that a product or service works. Therefore, a direct tone may be more appropriate. Appeal to logos (reason).
  • Targeting Boomers? Baby Boomers are one of the wealthiest and most educated demographics. As a very active generation, they respond well to copy that makes them feel energized and ready to act! You can learn more about targeting Baby Boomers here.

2. Call your reader to action

Don’t leave your reader confused by mass amounts of cluttered ads with one call to action at the bottom of the page. It is imperative that your copy is clear and tells the reader exactly what he or she needs to do. A few examples include “Sign Up Now!” or “Click Here to Download.” This call to action should be one of the first things a reader sees on the page, and the call to action should appear more than once on your landing page depending upon the length of the article.

3. Make the header stand out!

Your header is the first thing a prospect is going to read. If it doesn’t capture a visitor’s attention, you’ll lose traffic before they get to the first paragraph. When it comes to headers, follow the KISS principle. Keep it short, simple, and powerful. Additionally, it should contain your most relevant keyword(s).

4. Get to the point above the fold

Enhance the credibly of the header in the content of your first paragraph. The following headers and paragraphs should support the main highlights that you present in the first paragraph. Think about the feelings you want your reader to feel. Use language and descriptive verbiage that stirs emotion and need.

5. Use the active voice.

Use the active voice to prompt your visitors to do something. Power sentences have been proven to increase website conversions in contrast to passive sentences. There’s a reason why most politicians use the passive voice…it leaves room for clouded judgment. Here are a few examples.

  • Active Voice: A natural weight loss remedy melts fat off your body.
  • Passive Voice: A considerable amount of weight was lost by using a natural weight loss remedy.

6. Build credibility
Every paragraph should lead the visitor to performing the desired action. As you move down the pages, chances are most visitors will already be sold (or not). However, more info is great for those who have more questions or simply for those detail-oriented personality types!

7. Grammar, spelling, punctuation

Though it seems like a no-brainer, I have seen countless landing pages that have spelling errors throughout the entire page, in headlines, and even in the call to action. This decreases the credibility of your landing page as well as the readers trust in your product, service, or brand. Avoid these by always proofing your work. Having a second set of eyes read through never hurts either.

8. Focus on the Conversion.
Don’t distract your reader from your ultimate goal – an action! Readers might even enjoy distractions – a little news brief here, a video there, a link to another landing page there. Stop now. Take a deep breath in and r-e-l-a-x! Your landing page should have one purpose and that is to sell the customer. If you distract them with something like a weather map, they might just think about checking the weather, leave your page, and go check the forecast on Always follow the KISS principle, it works like magic – but it’s not rocket science.

What did we miss? Share your Landing Page Ad Copy Tips in the comments section below!