Clickbooth | New Series: Transforming Your Landing Page Into a Converting Machine

New Series: Transforming Your Landing Page Into a Converting Machine

While search engine positioning has been something that marketers and businesses have fought long and hard for, there are those that appear even in the top rankings that do not get the job done effectively. The real question at hand is, does your landing page convert? Does your page lead visitors to perform some type of action or does it leave them wandering around your page aimlessly?

I recently wrote a guest post for Zac Johnson on the importance of Understanding Your Target Demographic. Additionally, Jonathan Volk has an excellent post on this topic, check it out here!

Any successful affiliate marketer knows that the #1 step to building a successful campaign is to know exactly who you are marketing to.

Now, you may know your target demographic inside and out – but if your landing page is not converting, there is something wrong. Consumers are nit-picky when it comes to websites. If they don’t like the way something looks or feel a sense of confusion when first arriving on a page – within seconds, they jet. Your hard-earned dollars, marketing efforts, and market research is wasted if your landing page is not converting website visitors into customers.

Armed with the knowledge of the 5 Ws (Who, What, When, Where, Why), Step #2 is optimizing your landing page. Through a series of posts, Eric and I will be covering several important aspects on landing page design, layout, copy, and general marketing aspects that you need to consider when building LPs that convert.

A few of the topics that we’ll cover include:

  • Ad Copy
  • Images
  • Layout
  • Aesthetics
  • Navigation
  • Credibility
  • Call to Action

If you have any additional ideas, or topics regarding landing pages that you would like us to cover that I haven’t mentioned, please comment below. We’d love to hear from you! Ciao mes amies!