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Getting Started in Media Buys – 5 Things You NEED to know

Post Credit to Brad Dobbins, Affiliate Strategist

Media buying has quickly become one of the fasting growing and exciting traffic sources in the industry today! I often get asked by my affiliates if it’s too late in the game for them to get started with media buys…absolutely not. There are new media sources opening up around the clock which will continue to provide affiliates with endless opportunities. Here are 5 things that you need to know in order to effectively get started with Media Buys.

1. Vertical – It is very important that you utilize your Affiliate Strategist in this process. They will be able to provide you with a birds eye view of exactly what verticals are hot right now and get you set up with the top converting offers in the vertical. Now that you have chosen your vertical you are ready to begin searching for the best suited media buy source.

2. Media Buy Sources – There are numerous media sources to consider each offering a wide array of placements covering all demographics. Working closely with your Affiliate Strategist will be a very valuable resource for you. They will be able to set you up with some great contacts with the top sources which is key for you to be on the fast track to success! It’s very important that you pick the appropriate source that is going to deliver quality volume towards the demographic that best fits your campaign.

3. Ad Copy – Having a highly targeted and effective ad copy is a vital part of the equation. An effective ad copy will enable you to convert clicks to conversions! The goal of every ad copy is to be sending converting clicks to your landing page. An overly aggressive non targeted ad copy can send a high volume of clicks but most likely won’t lead to any conversions. Work with your Affiliate Strategist to create at least 3 different ad copies and then split test them against each other to establish your clear winner.

4. Placing Bids – Depending on the media source the pricing models can vary but most likely you will be bidding on either a CPM or CPC basis. A great way to gauge where your bids need to be to keep you in the green is to work closely with your rep to establish an eCPA. Once you have set your effective cost per action goal you will be able to place your bids accordingly to ensure profitability.

5. Data Analysis/ Optimization – Analyzing your data after your initial test is imperative for you to be successful. Working closely with your Affiliate Strategist to properly analyze your data and make the necessary optimizations to your landing page will help you maximize your potential. You will be able to quickly eliminate the placements that generated negative returns. Once you have successfully eliminated the losing placements you can shift your focus on optimizing your campaigns on the remaining placements with positive returns. In the end, analyzing your data effectively hand in hand with your Affiliate Strategist will become the key to your campaigns success!

As you can see there are many important factors to consider when getting started with media buys. By keeping these 5 things in mind you should have a solid base to set yourself up for success.

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