Clickbooth | Clickbooth Donates to Help Save Florida Beaches from BP Oil Spill

Clickbooth Donates to Help Save Florida Beaches from BP Oil Spill

As many of you know, the BP oil spill has struck Florida’s Gulf Coast and has already affected areas of the Florida Panhandle. For those of you who do not know the full story, on April 20th, an explosion occurred on a mobile offshore oilrig about 50 miles SE of Venice, Louisiana. The rig sank into the Gulf of Mexico and took 11 lives – several are critically injured. According to Mote Marine Laboratory’s website, “As of May 6, officials were still estimating that up to 5,000 barrels of oil are leaking from the site per day. Efforts to stem the flow of oil from the well continue.”

It’s only a matter of time before the oil spreads and hits our beautiful sandy beaches, which could ultimately devastate Florida’s marine life, habitat, and adversely affect our economy which heavily depends upon tourism.

We love our home here in Sarasota, and all of our staff felt deeply moved to get involved with efforts to help ensure that Florida’s beaches and marine life are protected and kept as safe as possible. It is our privilege and honor to give back to a good cause – the Mote Marine Laboratory of Sarasota, FL.

Clickbooth, LLC., will be donating $2000 to this good cause. Clickbooth employees will be working together to raise additional funds and awareness to help reduce the damage that this oil spill has caused. Many employees have volunteered to be “on call” in case the oil reaches the shoreline. In such a case, special training is required to be able to handle and volunteer with hazardous waste/chemicals. We are happy to be part of such a good cause – we want to keep Florida safe, beautiful, clean, and protect our most valuable resources!

Nadine Slimak, Public Relations Manager at Mote Marine Laboratory explains how Mote Marine is preparing with the help of the community, local businesses, and how you can help too!

“Since the explosion and the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oilrig in the Gulf of Mexico, hundreds of people have contacted Mote Marine Laboratory with a desire to help. Mote is conducting certain key baseline assessments and gathering environmental samples that we will archive for future analysis. Our animal hospitals are also preparing to accept oiled animals, should the need arise. We are also gathering the names of potential volunteers so that we stand ready to help.

As with most disasters, the best way to help is by making a direct donation so that we can respond to specific needs as they occur. This special fund will help us with the costs of responding to this disaster and be used for related costs, including:

  • Expansion of our Beach Conditions Report™
  • Gathering data associated with the ecological impacts of the spill
  • Travel and accommodations for Mote scientific staff when they are asked to assist in other locales
  • Rehabilitation of oiled marine life, should animals be brought to Mote’s animal hospitals
  • Alternative methods of seawater production for Mote Aquarium exhibits should the spill impact our area.”

If you are interested in helping us fight the devastating effects of the oil spill, donations can be made online to support Mote’s good cause here.

Interested in Volunteering? Read more here!

Thank you so much guys and have a great week!