Clickbooth | Creating a Sustainable Planet with Business in Mind!

Creating a Sustainable Planet with Business in Mind!

Let’s face it. We’re a fast paced culture and have got a lot to worry about: work, growing a business, family, bills, paying off college loans, etc. It can all be stressful, right? It can be very easy to forget about all that our planet has provided us with (essentially all of the necessary elements for survival); the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the land on which we have built our homes and businesses.

In honor of our planet that has been hospitable for 4.5 billion years, I thought I’d address some of the major issues our planet faces today and ways that we can all work together to improve our planet. There are plenty of ways affiliate marketers can help save the planet, even from your home office!

One of the most telling signs that our planet is in danger is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. In the dead center of the Pacific Ocean, a gigantic trash vortex that is 3 times the size of Texas comprised of plastic, chemical sludge, and toxic debris expands in the North Pacific Gyre. Because plastics break down into very small particles (but take forever to decompose fully), this enormous marine garbage patch cannot be seen from space. Not only have the effects of this trash buildup harmed and killed off marine life, these particles are toxic to humans and have been shown to cause numerous health conditions. Additionally, plastics take hundreds of years to break down in garbage dumps and leach chemicals in the soil. In turn, those nasty chemicals end up in our streams and lakes!

Here’s a interesting video on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch that was featured on Good Morning America, in case you’re interested in learning more about it. 🙂

Here is a list of just a few things that you can do to improve the health of our planet while at work.

RECYCLE Cans and Bottles

Whether at home or working in the office, we all know how quickly these add up. In an effort to reduce the amount of plastics that end up in garbage dumps and our beautiful oceans, take proactive steps to recycle. The really cool thing is that those plastic bottles are melted down and turned into useful materials such as tables and chairs. To make it easy, keep a small recycle bin by your computer and just toss in those soft drink cans/bottles as you work throughout the day. To find a recycling center near you, go to

Use GREEN Products for drinking water and/or storing food.

Durable, versatile, and made with BPA free materials, Naglene makes an excellent water bottle and has been a top choice for backpackers since the 70s! Today, they have several stylish designs that would fit perfectly in any office environment. A while back, Maria Volk from Bachman’s Sparrow wrote a great post about eco-friendly water bottles.

Consider GREEN Lighting!

Lighting plays a major role in how we feel throughout the day. Considering the fact that many affiliates work inside, it’s important to have lighting that makes you feel good and productive. Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs can save you at least $30 in energy costs over the life of the bulb. Additionally, consider the benefits of natural light. Installing a skylight or a new window could make a big difference in the way you feel throughout the day and save you money over time!

For some additional tips on how to become more green, check out Eric Nagel’s newest post where he shares some great ideas on Being a Green Affiliate.

Clickbooth Campus Goes Green!

You’ve also been hearing a lot about our new campus here, here, and here. The new Clickbooth headquarters has been constructed using several earth friendly products and systems including: sensor controlled faucets, energy efficient electrical lighting, acoustical ceiling products made with recycled materials, carpet complying with Green Label Program certifications, and the use of natural daylighting throughout the building. In addition to creating a more productive work environment, these features support the sustainability of our planet.

We would love to hear about ways you have made your office GREEN friendly or steps you are taking to help our planet. Feel free to comment below! Thanks guys and Happy Earth Day 2010!