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Sarasota, the Next Silicon Valley

Clickbooth is proud to be part of Sarasota, FL. Not only is our city beautiful, but we’ve got some really amazing people who have worked together for an exciting accomplishment. In the recent weeks, cities across the nation competed against each other to have Google Fiber, Google’s proposed 1-gigabit fiber-optic network , launched in their community. Out of thousands of communities across the United States, Sarasota stands among the top cities that could potentially be chosen by the end of 2010. To say the least, we are just a little excited!

Fast Company Magazine has also picked Sarasota as the #1 city that should be chosen.

Sarasota’s Mayor Clapp was featured on CNN just days ago. A major point he touched on was that Clickbooth and other growing technology companies in our areas signal that we’re on the fast track for growth, and for that reason, a prime consideration for Google.

Rich Swier, a Sarasota entrepreneur and community affairs advocate, discussed the movement to bring Google’s ultra high speed internet access to Sarasota, FL on CNBC recently.

Sarasota is filled with creative and talented entrepreneurs, investors, artists, web designers, and developers who are among the many people who would benefit from ultra-fast internet lines. Sarasota is home to Ringling College of Art and Design, one of the top digital arts schools in the nation in addition to various research organizations who would benefit from high speed connections.

The HuB of Sarasota, an organization of local entrepreneurs and creative leaders, was a driving factor in gaining mass support through utilizing various social media platforms. In just a couple weeks, Google Island’s Facebook Page has grown to over 8,000 fans. I recently spoke with Matt Orr who is a major influencer at the HuB.

“Google Fiber would change the way we live in Sarasota. The attention and access to new business would change the way we interact with the city.” says Matt Orr.

Celebrities have even joined in to vote for Sarasota! ESPN’s Dick Vitale also votes for Sarasota. Check out the video here . Rising star Lindsay Ray performed a free concert on Google Island last week for the first ever, Google Fiber concert.

It was an amazing concert and the crowd was incredible!

Clickbooth is proud to be part of such a growing, lively community that is being considered as a top candidate for this exciting initiative. The response from local supporters, government organizations, and even well known media stars has been phenomenal! We look forward to what the future holds and have high hopes that Google Fiber will start here in Sarasota, our very own Paradise!

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