We’re Creating a World Without Boundaries,
Where Performance is Power

We started this journey, over a decade ago, with the mission of empowering small businesses and entrepreneurs by creating a performance based marketplace, allowing anyone to compete on a level playing field with the largest brands in the world.

Our vision is simple - The only way to save the world is to save innovation. We are going to be the company that empowers, the company that creates markets based on performance and not oligarchy. When anyone can be successful - everyone will be successful.


Mass media has always been controlled by major brands and companies, limiting access to consumer traffic to a small few and stifling innovation. The creation of the internet spawned a new media opportunity, yet the digital ad space continued to be controlled by a few large corporations. In 2002 Clickbooth became the catalyst of change, opening media channels to new and growing businesses and creating a truly open market for ideas, products, and companies through performance marketing.

The concept of Clickbooth's CPA (Cost-Per-Action) & CPC (Cost-Per-Click) affiliate marketing model is very simple. We unite those who sell products with those who drive traffic. An Advertiser only pays when there is a sale, eliminating risk. Because the consumer is in control, the better the product is, the more value it will have and the more successful the company will become.

With this performance based model, barriers to entry are toppled for both those who want to drive traffic and those who want to sell products, thus eliminating boundaries.

For over a decade we have been the company that empowers success through performance. Our advanced performance marketing model has leveled the playing field, allowing anyone, no matter how large or small, to be successful and profitable.


In an industry where networks appear out of nowhere and vanish just as quickly, our longevity and strength comes from our strong partner relationships. Clickbooth has set itself apart as a Performance Exchange and our foundation was built on long term, lasting relationships and that focus remains central to our core values.

Without a doubt, our relationships are the most valuable thing we have, whether they are with large, branded companies or with someone at the beginning of their journey. What remains constant are our high standard of expectations for both ourselves and the partners we choose. We only work with partners who are equally vested in long term goals, success and relationships.

By keeping our commitment to relationships at the forefront of the way we do business, we have set ourselves apart from the crowd and become the established performance exchange you can trust.


We know a brand’s reputation is everything, and that's why we're the first traffic provider to develop our own strict compliance guidelines. Clickbooth is and always has been at the forefront of regulatory compliance and best practices, consistently ahead of other networks ensuring that we protect our clients and consumers alike. In a period of regulatory transition, our company-wide approach to consumer protection coupled with an industry leading compliance team is crucial to our client’s success.

Our full-fledged, in-house compliance team includes Consumer Advocates and Brand Protection Specialists. Our Consumers Advocates ensure our ads, products and services are compliant with all marketing related requirements and regulations.

Our Brand Protection Specialists use industry leading methods to maintain the image, integrity and intellectual property of advertisers.

As the industry leading Performance Exchange we do not take our position lightly. We know that by holding ourselves accountable we protect Consumers, Advertisers, Affiliates and our industry as a whole. For us, compliance is not a requirement or an afterthought. It’s the core of the way we do business.



We are greatly appreciative of the media coverage we have received for our continued innovation of CPA Marketing.



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